The Cats’ New Toy

Normally, we get the cats a few mice, treats, and other toys for Christmas, but this year, we got them something very special. It was one of those Cats Meow toys, which basically have a cloth over a plastic arm which moves left and right. The funny thing is, it was nothing like the commercials. In the advertisements, the cat hit the “mouse”, and the mouse kept moving. In reality, Oreo just pulls the plastic arm out of its socket, and meows at me until I fix it. Ugh, cats can be a handful and a half sometimes, but I still like them.


What Gender Of Cat Should I Buy?

There are over 50 breeds of cats to choose from, but the question is, “what breed of cat?”

  •       The second question is, “what gender?” Gender is one of the most important variables in choosing the right cat for you. Male cats are more vocal than female cats, but they must be spade, or they will “mark their territory” or, if you prefer, pee all over the place. Male cats are often (in most cases) more friendly than female cats. Males will also be more of “lap cats” than female cats. A female cat will take longer to like you, but they can still be loving companions. Female cats also need to be neutered, or they might have kittens, and the last thing you need is to have hundreds of cats all in one house. Either way, as I like to say, a cat is a cat, no matter what breed or gender.

What Breed Of Cat Should I Buy?

There are several breeds of cats to choose from, but the big question is, “which breed of cat should I buy?”

  • The first breed I will tell you about is called a snowshoe.  This white-pawed good behaved pet would make a wonderful cat for people who want a loving companion.  They will get along with other cats easily, so they would be good for someone who already has cats.  They are medium-sized, and have black and white fur.
  • Another good breed of cat is the tuxi cat.  This is the breed of Oreo (my cat).  As you have read from previous posts, they are a lot of fun.  When Charm came it took him a while to get used to her, but he did within a week.  I don’t know about a female tuxedo cat, but a male tuxi cat will like you pretty quick.  You might say that they are black cats with white markings, or white cats with black markings.
  • The final cat I would like to tell you about, is the singarpura cat.  They are small, but somehow manage to put off tons of heat.  Singarpura cats make great lap cat, but also love to play games.  They are curious, and will find amazing hiding places.  They will make great companions.
  • If there are any other breeds that you would like me to tell you about, or if there is anything, anything at all that I haven’t covered about the three breeds listed that you would like to know, please leave your question in the comment area, and I will get back to you shortly.

Fluffy Update

IMG_0033It is winter now, so Merry Christmas!  Anyway, I have an update on Fluffy. As I’ve told you before, his owners live three doors down, and we returned Fluffy to his owners and discovered that his name is Bud. I still call him Fluffy. But, if you were wondering, he returned back to our house the day after we returned him to his owners. Now that it is winter again, he lives under a table with a cover over it in my backyard. It is very cold outside so one day, my mom caved in and brought Fluffy inside because Fluffy was freezing. When my dad got home he explained to my mom that we couldn’t keep Fluffy outside all winter long, so he made him a bed under the table. Now that Fluffy has a bed, the table has become his home. When I lift the table cover and craw under the table, Fluffy is always there to greet me. He will still scratch at the doors and windows, begging to get in. I will try to keep you all updated on the news about Fluffy so, please, visit my blog again soon. Merry Christmas!



All of you have probably been wondering what Fluffy looks like. This is a picture of Fluffy.

update on Fluffy


I brought Fluffy to her owner (who only lived 3 houses down) He thanked me and said Fluffy is a male 12-year-old outdoor cat that is actually named Bud but I still call him Fluffy and has never left his yard. But Fluffy keeps coming back to my house. Just one day later I heard him continue his normal routine of scratching on our door begging to come in. Fluffy might not be my cat but she comes in my yard so often it doesn’t matter. So the mystery still remains; What caused Fluffy to come to my house?

Fluffy has a home

I just found out today that Fluffy does have a home.This morning someone called and said he was their cat.We had put a collar on her that read “if I have a home please call #######”. But the sad thing is that it took a month for them to reply. So that means he doesn’t go over his real family’s house a lot. They are convienced that he has lost his memory. And with me being a cat lover it’s so sad that a cat would lose memory. They are comming to pick him up today. I hope he is an outdoor cat so he can visit me.

Fluffy the cat

One day in the winter my family and I walked outside and found a long hair cat. He was hiding under a table cover. She seened to like us so i would pet her every day. My mother would feed he and brush her. She had some matts in her fur so I cut them out. Even when it warmed up she stayed with us she must have been a stray. I think I’ve got a new cat!

Stormy the cat

Stormy, my cat, will climb on the table a lot so he can eat some of our dinner.  When my parents say, “down” he will lay down.  My parents will usually laugh and let him stay on the table.

He also can play fetch. When he wants to play fetch he meows. Sometimes he plays fetch with his foam balls.  Other times he will play fetch with one of his toys.

Oreo the cat

If you are reading this post you should know that this post is about the personality one of my cats Oreo. Oreo is a very playful cat. He is really good at playing too. Sometimes he will put his paw under the door of the room that Stormy is in. Then they will both take turns hitting each other’s paw. That game is one of Oreo’s and Stormy’s favorite games.

I am one of his friends. He will come to my bed every night so I will pet him. One time I was tired so I laid down on my parent’s bed. Then Oreo laid down with me. Next I went off the bed. Then Oreo walked over to me and meowed. Then I laid back down and he laid back down with me.

Oreo as you probably already know is a black and white cat. At about 8 inches he is very small compared to a human. His eyes are as green as a frog. His nose is as black as night.

He is usually sitting on one of the chairs at the dinner table when my family and I are eating something he likes. Sometimes when my sister is done with her breakfast Oreo will lick her plate clean. Luckily he has not got to my food yet.

Oreo also likes boxes. Whenever my family and I are playing a board game he will sleep in the box. He gets upset when we are done playing the board game and he has to get out of the box.