Are these true or false?

1. One cat color is ginger.

2. If your cat rubs his head against you, that means “I love you.”

3. A calico cat is female most of the time.

4.  There is a breed fo cat called a ragdoll.

5.  When a cat hisses, it’s very upset.

6.  You kitty will need a litterbox, food dishes, and a big bone to chew on.

7.  Cats can make about 10 sounds.

8.  Cats are very territorial.

9.  If your kitty lives inside and out, you don’t need flea control.

10.  The Turkish Van doesn’t like to swim.

1. Answer true      2. Answer true    3. Answer true  4. Answer True   5. Answer True

6. Answer false   7. Answer False   8. Answer true  9. Answer false   10.  Answer False


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