Charm has always been a very intelligent cat, but this really blew me off my feet.  I was In my room minding my own business, when the door swung open.  Now I am not one to believe in ghosts, but I started having second thoughts.  I rushed over to the door and checked, no one was there.  I went to the kitchen and noticed my parents and sister were all it there, there was no way any of them were trying to prank me.  I went back to my room thinking it was just a loose latch, when it opened again.  This time, I was very suspicious.  I noticed a big ball of gray fur, but nothing else.  I followed the gray mass and noticed Charm scratching her scratch post like a good cat.  I wouldn’t believe it for a second.  She just gave an innocent meow and walked away.  I went back in my room very frustrated.  The door opened yet again, and Charm busted in and sat on my bed.  Charm has always been good with doors, but this incident in particular was truly amazing!


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