There are several breeds of cats to choose from, but the big question is, “which breed of cat should I buy?”

  • The first breed I will tell you about is called a snowshoe.  This white-pawed good behaved pet would make a wonderful cat for people who want a loving companion.  They will get along with other cats easily, so they would be good for someone who already has cats.  They are medium-sized, and have black and white fur.
  • Another good breed of cat is the tuxi cat.  This is the breed of Oreo (my cat).  As you have read from previous posts, they are a lot of fun.  When Charm came it took him a while to get used to her, but he did within a week.  I don’t know about a female tuxedo cat, but a male tuxi cat will like you pretty quick.  You might say that they are black cats with white markings, or white cats with black markings.
  • The final cat I would like to tell you about, is the singarpura cat.  They are small, but somehow manage to put off tons of heat.  Singarpura cats make great lap cat, but also love to play games.  They are curious, and will find amazing hiding places.  They will make great companions.
  • If there are any other breeds that you would like me to tell you about, or if there is anything, anything at all that I haven’t covered about the three breeds listed that you would like to know, please leave your question in the comment area, and I will get back to you shortly.

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