IMG_0033It is winter now, so Merry Christmas!  Anyway, I have an update on Fluffy. As I’ve told you before, his owners live three doors down, and we returned Fluffy to his owners and discovered that his name is Bud. I still call him Fluffy. But, if you were wondering, he returned back to our house the day after we returned him to his owners. Now that it is winter again, he lives under a table with a cover over it in my backyard. It is very cold outside so one day, my mom caved in and brought Fluffy inside because Fluffy was freezing. When my dad got home he explained to my mom that we couldn’t keep Fluffy outside all winter long, so he made him a bed under the table. Now that Fluffy has a bed, the table has become his home. When I lift the table cover and craw under the table, Fluffy is always there to greet me. He will still scratch at the doors and windows, begging to get in. I will try to keep you all updated on the news about Fluffy so, please, visit my blog again soon. Merry Christmas!


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