If you are reading this post you should know that this post is about the personality one of my cats Oreo. Oreo is a very playful cat. He is really good at playing too. Sometimes he will put his paw under the door of the room that Stormy is in. Then they will both take turns hitting each other’s paw. That game is one of Oreo’s and Stormy’s favorite games.

I am one of his friends. He will come to my bed every night so I will pet him. One time I was tired so I laid down on my parent’s bed. Then Oreo laid down with me. Next I went off the bed. Then Oreo walked over to me and meowed. Then I laid back down and he laid back down with me.

Oreo as you probably already know is a black and white cat. At about 8 inches he is very small compared to a human. His eyes are as green as a frog. His nose is as black as night.

He is usually sitting on one of the chairs at the dinner table when my family and I are eating something he likes. Sometimes when my sister is done with her breakfast Oreo will lick her plate clean. Luckily he has not got to my food yet.

Oreo also likes boxes. Whenever my family and I are playing a board game he will sleep in the box. He gets upset when we are done playing the board game and he has to get out of the box.


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  1. Dianda says:

    Loves boxes, of course!

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