My cats Stormy and Oreo were in the garage one day.  My mother saw something flashing.  She called me.  I was watching tv at the time.  So I went there and the hazard lights were on.  My father had left the windows open.  The cats had jumped in there and turned the flashers on.


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  1. Tuxi says:

    Hi Smallivy! My housemate Saffron is a year old. When she had her spay surgery she stayed in the master bedroom by herself so she wouldn’t wrestle with her brother and sister and have a stitch broken in her incision. She had cat furniture, toys, food and water and a litter box and Mom put a radio playing Christmas music in her room. She loved it and Mom turned her light on at 4 PM and shut it off at bedtime. Saffron watched her turn the knob and so a couple mornings Mom came in thinking “I know I turned that light off last night.” So Saffron stretched, reached up and showed Mom how she can turn it on and off! She had her own way of knowing when it was dark enough for the light to be turned on.

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