My best friend’s cat ( Sweety) went in the garage and saw a mouse and tried to get it.  Then the mouse ran away.  Almost every day an animal is in his garage.


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  1. Tuxi says:

    Hi! I’m Tuxi, a rescued Tuxedo cat! I’m black and white and estimated to be about 6 years old. Mom rescued me and I love to set on her lap. My mom Joan is 48 and recovering from major surgery. She’s doing well but is not permitted to do some activities yet so me and some of my cat friends like to see Mom browse Word Press-they have the best blogs! Mom fell asleep earlier so I took her phone! Have fun with the blog! There are alot of cat lovers on Word Press! =)

  2. sweety says:

    i so mad at that mouse! i hope ethan will come down and pet me thank you small ivy

  3. Tuxi says:

    Hi Sweety! Sorry for a long delay in my reply! Mom forgot to bookmark your blog but we looked up ‘Cats’ in the search and there you were! I’m doing fine and Mom has recovered from surgery so we’re doing well. We’re finding the heat wave here in PA a little bit too hot and alot too humid, but myself and the other cats are inside only and Mom has been mostly indoors! Thanx for asking! Tuxi

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