My cats Stormy and Oreo are very nice.  I’ll make a lot of videos about them.  I’m writing this blog because I want people to laugh about my cats.  If you are planing on buying cats it’s a good idea because they are good company and they like to play.  It’s fun to play with cats.  They need food, water and exercise.  If you have leftover fish, chicken or sea food give it to your cats.  Most cats favorite game is attack the feather.  Some cats you can teach to fetch.  My cat Stormy knows how to fetch.  My cat Oreo likes to play attack the feather.


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  1. Tuxi says:

    Hi Small Ivy! I have a cousin named Oreo who lives with me. She is 6 and was born under a neighbor’s shed. Mom and her neighbor rescued Oreo and kept she and her mom Peeper, while the other 4 kittens went to good homes thru our vet’s adoption center. Oreo is a tuxedo cat like me. Rescue cats like me sometimes need behavior modification but Mom said if people have the time to take with a rescue cat you will be rewarded with love.

  2. ethan or ? says:

    i know

  3. Cynthia says:

    I have a cat named Oreo also. There is an interesting story behind him coming to live with us. We had a cat named Sylvester that we lost around Thanksgiving and I wanted to give my husband a cat just like him (looks and personality) for our anniversary. So I sent a note to several adoption agencies in my area with a picture of Sylvester and explained his personality with the understanding that if one came around near Valentine’s Day (our anniversary) I was interested in seeing him. Well, the day after Christmas this particular year, I received a phone call from one of the animal clinics that they had a kitty looked like our Sylvester (black and white, of course). I went to check on it. It looked just like Sylvester except that it had a black nose instead of pink. I was still undecisive because I wanted a kitten and it was at least a year old. It was sitting in a cage with another cat. Well, I asked what his name was and the lady said “Oreo”. That was the only answer would bring him home because my husband eats oreos every day for lunch and I thought they already had a great connection! The lady put Oreo in the back of my car and he rode home with me. When I got home, I told my husband to come outside. I needed help getting something out of the car. By then, Oreo had curled up in the passengers seat and gone to sleep. Billy came out and thought Sylvester had come home! It has been a love affair ever since!

  4. cat breeders says:

    that is so odd I also have a kitty names oreo. LOl I am looking for people to write blogs on my site if anyone would like to volunteer please email me at

    • smallivy says:

      I think Oreo is a common name people give to tuxedo cats. We actually were looking for a tuxedo cat since we wanted a cat named Oreo.

      I’ve added a link to your site on my blogroll.

  5. I have 6 cats. What I love about cats is that each one is unique. Each has their own personality and quirks.

  6. skiesareblue says:

    Cats are awesome! check out my blog and see my Bella!

  7. catsanddogsrock says:

    I LOVE cats! I have a kitten named Erin Grace- go to to see a blog I made about her.

  8. tannideb says:

    I love cats! I have two, Minnie and Yeshu. Here’s a recent post I wrote about them. Love it if you’d read it.

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