how much do you know about your cat?


Are these true or false?

1. One cat color is ginger.

2. If your cat rubs his head against you, that means “I love you.”

3. A calico cat is female most of the time.

4.  There is a breed fo cat called a ragdoll.

5.  When a cat hisses, it’s very upset.

6.  You kitty will need a litterbox, food dishes, and a big bone to chew on.

7.  Cats can make about 10 sounds.

8.  Cats are very territorial.

9.  If your kitty lives inside and out, you don’t need flea control.

10.  The Turkish Van doesn’t like to swim.

1. Answer true      2. Answer true    3. Answer true  4. Answer True   5. Answer True

6. Answer false   7. Answer False   8. Answer true  9. Answer false   10.  Answer False


Give your cat a purrfect life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are getting your first cat then you should make your home cat safe.


Your cat might want to get a green snack so here are some safe greens:


2.bird sead


4. catnip

Happy New Year!!

Thank you for making this year truly special!  I loved exchanging posts about cats.  I hope all of the other great bloggers out there keep up the good work.  Thanks to all of my fans for a great year.  And i hope for another year of making new friends and new posts!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Why Cats Are Not Doctors

I found this funny.

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Cat of the Month

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My New Hobby

Well, my mom was running errands one day, and I ended up at PetSense for my cat, Stormy’s special food; he gets bladder infections if he doesn’t eat a special kind of cat food, which costs tons of money. I wouldn’t be surprised if we spend more money on Stormy’s food than our food. Anyway, I got kind of board, so I ventured to the back of the store where the cats who were up for adoption were. They practically begged me to pet them, if they could speak proper english, they would have said,”Please pet us, we are very lonely, and if you could, adopt us”. I couldn’t adopt them because I already own three cats, so I figured petting them would be the least I could do. I reached my finger through one of the holes between the thin bars that separated me from the kittens, and gently stroked one of the two kittens in that cage behind the ears. It started to purr really loud and eventually started nipping me. I moved on to a different cage, and I eventually had pet every cat and kitten in every cage. I glanced over at the signs next to each cage. The signs were printed on regular office paper and showed the cats and kittens age, name, and a picture of each of the furry animals. It kind of made me think of my cats, and how they had been found on the road and caught by some people who had explained to us when we met them at a corner shop that they couldn’t have anymore cats because they already owned nine. I felt bad for the cats in the cages who may wait days to weeks to months to even years to find a good home. I quickly rushed to the sales clerk and asked if I was allowed to donate toys to the cats. She said that would be wonderful, so I asked my mom for two dollars, and rushed to the aisle with those toy mice, Rascals, I think they are called. I bought a six-pack and put one in every occupied cage. The cats looked very grateful, and started chasing the mice until they all managed to flip their little litter boxes. I laughed, and thanked the manager for helping these kittens and cats find good homes. I stroked the cats on the ears one more time, and said,”I’ll be back next week”. The store clerk told me, as I was checking out with my mom, that the life span of a toy in their cages tends to be about a week or two, so now, I force my mom to go there whenever We get the chance, so I can hang out with those kittens. You know, I was at youth group a few weeks ago, and the leader asked me when I saw God in my life. I told her about the color that came into those cats eyes, the way their pupils dilated when they saw me, the swift movements of a young kitten, and I know God is watching and somehow wanted me to love those kittens while they were in search of a new home. If you love cats, go to your local shelter, and just hang out with the cats if you can’t adopt them. It is truly rewarding.

Oreo gets sprayed

My cat Oreo always tries to get my attention when  I am looking at anything but him. This time it was a book. I was contentedly reading when Oreo started sitting on my book and meowing. I gently pushed him off but he was back soon. Finally, after this cycle continued for about 10 minutes he gave up and explored my room. Like most cats, if there is anything new in a room he will inspect it. I had happened to get a new air freshener and he was very curious about it. The problem was, it would automatically activate when it sensed motion. He started sniffing and got sprayed soon after. He started meowing in horror and ran to me for comfort. I just pet him and started uncontrollably laughing. Well, I think he  learned his lesson and he smells nice now! 

Charm Opens a Door

Charm has always been a very intelligent cat, but this really blew me off my feet.  I was In my room minding my own business, when the door swung open.  Now I am not one to believe in ghosts, but I started having second thoughts.  I rushed over to the door and checked, no one was there.  I went to the kitchen and noticed my parents and sister were all it there, there was no way any of them were trying to prank me.  I went back to my room thinking it was just a loose latch, when it opened again.  This time, I was very suspicious.  I noticed a big ball of gray fur, but nothing else.  I followed the gray mass and noticed Charm scratching her scratch post like a good cat.  I wouldn’t believe it for a second.  She just gave an innocent meow and walked away.  I went back in my room very frustrated.  The door opened yet again, and Charm busted in and sat on my bed.  Charm has always been good with doors, but this incident in particular was truly amazing!

Oreo’s Favorite Show

One morning before school, I was watching The Walking Dead on T.V.  I suppose Oreo didn’t like it because he stepped on the remote and hit flashback.  It brought the T.V. channel to Animal Planet.  The show which was playing was some show about meerkats.  Oreo watched contentedly, and wouldn’t let me change the channel.  Soon, every cat was in the living room.  Oreo is one crazy, but smart cat!

I Need Buisness Cards

As you might know, I have started a pet-sitting business, but my business card design is not effective.  I put them in people’s paper bins last year, but no one called.  Please email me some designs, and I will publish a post about one of your pets on my blog.  My email is  If you have a gmail just share the design with me, then email your story.  Thanks!